Awareness Drive 07

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We have made it incredibly easy to participate in the OPPT-SA Awareness Drives.
Thanks to volunteer technical skills, hosting AND time by Michael Hawthorne.
All you have to do is click on the hyperlink below, which will take you to a web-page, enter your name and e-mail address, and press "Send". The contacts of the current awareness drive (for which there is a link from the web page, if you want to check) wil automatically receive an e-mail from you.
It will take you less than a minute to participate and send out the flyer to the contactees for every flash-mob awareness drive! Now tell me that is still too much effort? ;)

To showcase the ease-of-use, we have decided to launch the next awareness drive (number 7) a tad early, to enable all of you to experience this process for yourselves.
To send out your e-mails for Awareness Drive No 7, just click on the link.

And remember to give us your feedback please!

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