Awareness Drive 08

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(2013-04-29 - 2013-05-03)

Are you ready for it?

Although not directly OPPT related, this Awareness Drive 8 will see 517 recipients in the media industry being invited to cover the public "Disclosure hearings" taking place from 29 April until 3 May.
(We have added a paragraph about SA sightings as well.)
To add your voice (and loving pressure) to the media to start covering "fringe topics", please click on the link below. Remember, on our new system, all you have to do is enter your name and e-mail address (to be used as the "sender"), and click on "Send". That easy!
- Please wait patiently after clicking on "Send". It takes a while to load all 517 e-mails. You will eventually be directed to the confirmation page.

To send out your e-mails for Awareness Drive No 8, just click on the link.

And also remember to give us your feedback, please!

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