Awareness Drive 09

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(2013-05-04 - 2013-05-06)

Awareness Drive number 9 is here!

In this drive, we are sending our beautiful message of freedom to the KZN regional government.
To support this Awareness Drive, please go to the website as indicated below.
Enter your name, your valid e-mail, and answer the simple math question. Then click on "Send".
That easy, thanks to Michael Hawthorne at Ulticomp I.T. Solutions.
So far, we have had 125 participants in drive no 8 to ask the media to cover the Disclosure Hearings! Well done, and a big thanks to everyone that took part. ♥

To send out your e-mails for Awareness Drive No 9, just click on the link.

And also remember to give us your feedback, please!

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