Awareness Drive 11

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(2013-05-07 - 2013-05-09)

URGENT!!!! Awareness Drive 11

Please help Anthea Torr and send the foreclosure flyer to the City of Cape Town by participating in this flash-mob drive! We only have until Thursday afternoon, 9th May to show our support.

Background info: Anthea refused to submit plans to the City of Cape Town until they proved jurisdiction over her, in view of the fact that they are a listed company, and all listed companies have to have a contract to act - (i.e. a wet signature, meaning all is fully disclosed and understood and signed by both parties). She has been asking them to prove this for 2 years, and also, that if she DOES submit her plans that they do not ultimately add to the value of her 'Trust' ( identifiable by her ID number on the balance sheet of the Republic of South Africa) which is also corporation, whose head office is in New York USA. She has been asking them to prove that this added value is not used as collateral to borrow further from the World Bank/IMF etc - which ultimately has to be paid back via forced taxes, fines. licenses, registrations etc etc - which further enslaves the people - bringing poverty, marginalization and great hardship to all! If this is the case, which we know it is - treason of the highest order, is being committed by those that run this country, and others around the world, every day.

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