Awareness Drive 13b (2013-05-29)

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Awareness Drive 13b – GMO industry is here!

As a follow-up to the well organised marches against Monsanto and GMO’s everywhere in South Africa on the 25th May, I compiled a list of recipients who are involved in GMO manufacture, distribution and administration in SA. There are too many recipients to send in one batch, so I have split the list into several batches of around 50 recipients each.
Advance Seeds (13a) blocked ALL their e-mails to staff that contained ANY reference to "GMO" etc. This means their staff are NOT AWARE of how the public feels! Ed Erasmus - how about mob on their FB page? I did manage to change the message to go through their filtering though, and they are included in 13c.

To send out your e-mails for Awareness Drive No 13b, please click on the link.

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