A Miracle Judgment! - by Scott Cundill on June 11, 2013

A Miracle Judgment!

By Scott Cundill on June 11, 2013 in Uncategorized

Source: http://www.newera.org.za/a-miracle-judgment/

A miracle has just landed in our lap.

A young couple from Cape Town approached us after watching SABC 3’s Special Assignment, where the banks and their secret schemes were exposed. This couple handed us a written High Court Judgement where FNB tried to act as agents for one of their shadow corporations.

Judge Moosa told FNB that they have no case and he threw the bank out of court! FNB could not show a connection between the bank, the shadow corporation and the customer. Judge Moosa dismissed the bank’s case before they had even started. This is exactly how a Judge is supposed to act.

Read the Judgement here: http://downloads.newera.org.za/May%20Hearing/Judge%20Moosa%20Judgment.pdf. [Right mouse click and "save target as"].

If not for the work of NewERA and Special Assignment, not to mention this brave couple who represented themselves in Court without an attorney, this Judgement would probably have remained buried. Now that we have it, please ensure that every lawyer you know gets a copy. This judgement could be used to help people keep their assets

The banks are now caught between a rock and a hard place. On multiple occasions they and their lawyers have blatantly lied to the Court and this has been exposed on National Television. None of the banks, and not a single watchdog organisation (such as the NCR, Bank Ombud, FSB, etc) have come forward to be interviewed by Special Assignment. Why? Why are they protecting the banks and not the people?

Here is a written transcript of the episode which you can also watch online here. Will the banks and their lawyers come clean and inform the Court of the truth?

Meanwhile the banks had this to say in The Business Day on June 4th:

“…Basel 3 have pushed local banks into focusing on more profitable non-interest income, with increased involvement in the recovery process.”

In other words, if you think the banks and their debt collectors are acting like insane psychopaths now, then just wait because it’s about to get worse. Read here for a horrific example of what they have already started doing. …And remember, the banks never actually lent money in the first place. Loans are fabricated from thin air. This is not conspiracy, it is a proven international banking fact.

As you can see, we are making progress towards economic freedom for the people. Please become a Member of NewERA or make a donation using the links above.


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