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1) It's the people's site, not MINE !
2) It's the people's INPUTS that would make it exciting!

- I could leave it all, at the drop of a hat, as I have more than enough other work to do as is …

Just wanted to help out and get something going !

- - - THAT IS THE TRUTH ! - - -

The actual FACT is that the people have not even smelt the ACTUAL POWER that is lurking in the use of such a site !

Just have a look at the Forum alone !!

1) Multi-threaded
2) Customisable
3) Extendible and expandable
4) Various formatting possible, colour, bold, italics, underlined, paragraphs and many more features
5) Searchable

Did _you_, yourself actually ever read the User Tips?

- Did you notice that there is also a Twitter account running in the back?

- What else would you like me to say? - More "TRUTH" ?
People are to LAZY to type in a heading and open a new page to POST a message! They like drag and drop !

Statistics stands at:
Total of all active Pages: 262 … in 109 days.
Only 36 members, to date!

It was supposed to be a REFERENCE, but I cannot do it all ALONE, like I did up to now! That was NEVER my intention !
If it does not grow it is dead already!
- Facebook cannot replace it - not at all my friend - cannot even get close!

Tweaking it, WITHOUT ANY FEEDBACK — consider it DEAD THEN !

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