1st SA Common Love Hearing - 25 July 2013

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When: 25th July, 2013
Location: Outside the Constitutional Court of South Africa in the Event Space Arena.
Constitutional Court
1 Hospital Street
Constitution Hill

This is history in the making, folks.

Take the day off. Come and declare your freedom. This is your future.

09H00 - 10H00 Arrival and settling in. Bring a camp chair, blankets and picnic.
10H00 - 11H00 Opening and prayer by Religious Tribal Elders of the One People.
5 minute Introduction by each present Community representative.
Tell us who you are and what your remedies and/or needs are.
11H00 - 11H30 International Common Law Court of Justice Advocate speaks.
11H30 – 13H00 Question & Answer time.
13H00 Serving of PUBLIC Notices to Constitutional Court.
Hopefully they will have the courtesy of sending representative out with a response to our demands.
A non-response will be proof of unjust administrative action.
Failing a response, we will launch a referendum.
14H00 - Filing of charges and complaints with the International Common Law Court of Justice.
Bring your documents and make a donation, if it is within your means, please.
This work needs to continue.
Soon, our funding will be available. However, in view of the current crisis, we the One People
can no longer observe our One People and Sovereign Constitutional State being desecrated and plundered.

International Common Law Court of Justice

Finally Your Voice Can Be Heard As A Believer, Conscientious Objector, Sovereign, Man Or Woman. We are All equal and One People. There is no us or them, only us.

All under the One Law of “Do no harm, cause no loss”.

  1. Are you a victim of a Hu man Rights violation?
  2. Do you have any evidence or are witness to a current Hu man Rights violation?
  3. Are you a current victim of piracy by agents of illegal, foreclosed and unlawful organizations?
  4. Are you or your community under threat?

Come and file your complaint on the 25th of July. An Advocate of the International Common Law Court of Justice will be there to file your documents.

Members of One People’s Public Trust, Church groups, civil rights movements
Common Law movements and all agencies of positive change will be there.

The One Real People have questions that need to be answered!
This is a Common Love Hearing. We are seekers of Truth and providers of Remedy.

How this action came about:

After many years of research, investigations and solutions provided, both globally and locally, positive agencies of change have managed to create a new system which will avoid the looming bankruptcy and ensuing chaos. Nobody wants that. We All want Peace. Positive agencies of change and Common Law movements of South Africa have been asked to assist the People in the rollout by international agencies of positive change. Soon, each one of us will have no shortage or need. Those bringing remedies to the table are now bonded Public servants helping to achieve this. Soon you can be one too, by your own free will and choice. Go to i-uv.com for more.

On 24th of June, 2013, an EMERGENCY RESPONSE DEMAND was filed on behalf of OPPT, ITCCS, Giftoftruth United and on behalf of ALL One Real People.

We filed examples of the growing evidence, surfacing globally, regarding commerce.
We are demanding an investigation. Failing there response, we will conduct our own investigation and start providing the remedies. We are here to avoid the potential chaos.
In Peace, Love, Truth, Responsibility, Accountability, Transparency and Integrity as bonded Public Servants.

Our Natural Law Reference Number filed with the court is: 2013/06/S11.
Date filed: 2013.06.24 (scanned, certified copies at http://www.giftoftruth.wordpress.com)

We are ceasing all payments of debts, rates, taxes, banks, bonds, you-name-it until a Commission (COPPET) is launched to investigate ALL evidence of fraud, criminal activity in violation of Natural Law and Human Rights. We demand a transparent process from corporate to lawful governance. We have the remedies for a seamless transition. All the People do. Each one of us has a remedy.

Their non-response will perpetuate a Referendum by We, the One Real People.

On the 25th of July we will be issuing the PUBLIC NOTICE of the IAMfree campaign to the Constitutional Court and in a national newspaper.

Harrased? Do you need remedy?

If you are being harassed or are an objector to rates & taxes etc., send them a Courtesy Notice. Go to http://www.i-uv.com.
NOTIFY all parties involved, and the Constitutional Court using the above reference number. It was filed for YOU so use it.
You can fax your certified copy to all 11 judges. Their fax numbers are all on the Constitutional Court website.Email az.oc.truocnoc|rartsiger#az.oc.truocnoc|rartsiger
If it’s serious then send it via registered mail and address it to All 11 judges.

Constitutional Court of South Africa
Location: 1 Hospital Street; Constitution Hill; Braamfontein
Address: Private Bag X 1; Constitution Hill; Braamfontein
Quoting Natural Law Reference Number is: 2013/06/S11, Date: 2013.06.24

Once ALL the People are satisfied with the outcomes and lawful decisions then we will settle the remaining lawful debts (if such a thing even exists).

All unlawful global corporations have been lawfully and legally foreclosed on and the courts MUST ASSUME THE NEW LAW TO BE CORRECT.

Their non-response will prove by their own rules that their inaction is unjust.
They will be giving us a remedy. Come and join the Common Love Hearings.

Eternal Essence Embodied.

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