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South Africa has 11 Official Languages

By supporting this TRANSLATION Project you will be enabling the website Menu of '' being available in YOUR own language, making it more accessible for other people, too.
This is a FREE Internet Community Effort !
You can also use their services to build your own free website, if you like. Please see:
Your IMAGINATION is the LIMIT to the DESIGN of your website !
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Code Name (in alphabetic order)
en English — ORIGINAL Wiki Language - No translation needed !
af Afrikaans
ns Northern Sotho
nr Southern Ndebele
st Southern Sotho
ss Swati
ts Tsonga
tn Tswana
ve Venda
xh Xhosa
zu Zulu
Clicking on the Code will give you the description from Wikipedia.
Clicking on the Name will take you directly to the corresponding translation page of ''.
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Go to the Main Translation Page of, to look for other languages that need translating, or start your own (legal language that is ! - with a proper ISO 639-1 language code).

Check the Translation Statistics for all Languages in

Please ask, if you have any problems, when you need assistance or get stuck !

Please note you will first have to sign up for a User Account at and then JOIN the following sites, to work effectively:

Reference Pages:

Also remember the more heads and hands we get the quicker the work will be done.
The only problem might be that different people are using different words to translate certain things, making it a little complicated for the actual users to get around the terminology.
In that case please read what others have done already and how they have translated and the words they have used.

Text Phrases not translated will be given in ENGLISH when you select the relevant language in your setup, by default, so there are no problems when the whole Text is not yet translated, so LIVE TESTING could actually start straight away! ;-)
You can translate any Paragraph / Phrase you like and skip ones you cannot figure out at the moment and get back to these later.
The System will track it all, and even give you a Statistic on your progress - per language.
CORRECTIONS and IMPROVEMENTS can also be done at any stage, later!

Please remember do SAVE your work from time to time, not to loose anything you have done, should the LINE go down and disconnect you from the website.
Then start a new editing session to carry on where you left off!

There are also some SYSTEM command in the TEXTS, like:

Type Start End
BOLD <strong> </strong>
BOLD <b> </b>
ITALICS <emphasised> </emphasised>
ITALICS <em> </em>
ITALICS <i> </i>
Parameters %1 … and other
These are not to be translated/altered, as that would
cause an error and not be displayed properly.

Thank you for your Time and Assistance. - GOOD LUCK !!
- Please remember that Rome was not built in one day and you also need some rest in between.

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